Friday, June 20, 2008

The Dalley Windmill Collection... Portales, New Mexico

Anyone who’s traveled on the American Great Plains knows the landscape is dotted with windmills... most of which are still functioning, drawing water for cattle and other livestock. In some parts of the country the standard joke is the windmill is the Unofficial State Tree. That’s probably true here on The High Plains of New Mexico, as trees of any sort are in very short supply.

One of Portales, New Mexico’s minor claims to fame… and they’re ALL minor, come to think on it… is The Dalley Windmill Collection. From Southeastern New Mexico (The Arts, Museums, and Must-See Sites):

The Dalley Windmill Collection
One of the residents of Portales has a collection of 75 windmills from around the world. You can drive by and see all of the beautiful windmills. On a good and windy day they will be turning and charming the eyes of viewers.
Address 1506 Killgore St., Portales, NM
Phone (505) 356-6263

“A good and windy day” would be nearly any day in P-Ville, except for today. I took a ride out to the Dalley’s place to take the pictures you see here. I had hoped to talk to Mr. Dalley and get some background on his collection but no one was home…alas and alack. I was able to take pictures, though… and this post contains three such.


Jannie Sue "Funster" said...

I had no idea that place existed. Then again, the world is just full of stuff we've never dreamed of.

Cool. Have fun blogging.

Becky said...

Wow! What a fun place to visit. Great Photos, Buck.

Buck said...

Thanks, Jannie Sue and Becky.

It's a kinda strange place to visit, actually... since all these windmills are in this guy's yard. I parked in his driveway, went up to the house, rang the doorbell and waited. There was no one home. I wanted to get permission to wander around this guy's yard... so I had a problem, since no one was there: do I leave, or do I walk around this man's property without permission, snapping pictures? I compromised by staying within sight of the road and not venturing into any of the fenced areas, so I missed about half of the windmills.

I may go back this weekend, when someone should be home. I also want to talk to Mr. Dalley about his collection, how he got all these things, where they're from, yadda, yadda.

Long-winded. Sorry! ;-)

Knit and fall back in it said...

That is quite an unusual, yet interesting, collection. Great pictures!

Buck said...

Thanks, Amy!